WHY DK Designer Homes

At DK Designer Homes we aim to provide you with superior customer service and guaranteed customer satisfaction while we build your dream home for you. We are able to build your dream home using either your own design or we can assist you with planning and designing your dream home prior to building it for you.

We approach all of our building projects with professionalism and integrity. Our philosophy of incorporating innovation, ingenuity and inspiration into the design and building of your new dream home will ensure you are overwhelmed with the finished product.


DK Builders entered the 2010 Registered Master Builders House of the Year Competition in the New Homes $250,000 to $350,000 category for the first time in 2010.

The home located in Te Awamutu, received a Gold Award and won this category at the Waikato Registered Master Builders House of the Year Competition. To receive a gold award the quality of the workmanship used in building the new home has to be at least 80% better than industry standard with the home receiving over 90% of the marks available under the judging criteria.

The following year 2011 DK Builders entered another new Te Awamutu Home in the same category and this time took out the local category and the National House of the Year $250,000 to $350,000 title.  A result that we are extremely proud of and proves that we are builders of top quality homes.


Te Awamutu based builder, Daniel Kraayvanger formed DK Builders in 2007.  Since that time DK Builders has undertaken numerous building projects in the greater Te Awamutu area, including Hamilton and Cambridge.  These building projects have ranged from designing and building new homes to renovations, extensions and landscaping.

In late 2009 DK Builders became a member of the Registered Master Builders.  This membership allows us to provide all of our clients with the Registered Master Builders Guarantee.  We stand by our workmanship in all of our building projects and believe that it is second to none as proven by the previous building projects that we have undertaken.

2010 represented a significant year for DK Builders.  During this year we entered a new home in the Registered Master Builders House of the Year Competition for the first time.  We won the local category with our first entry.  The following year 2011 we entered another Te Awamutu new home in the House of the Year Awards and this time won the National Category with this home.  The success of these entries has contributed to our growth into becoming a highly reputable and successful building company in the greater Te Awamutu area.  We now have two strands within our company DK Builders – DK Designer Homes encompassing Residential New Home Builds and DK Construction encompassing light commercial projects.


More information on the Master Builders Guarantee can be found by clicking here. This guarantee is completely independent of any other guarantees that we offer you and any insurance taken out for your building contract.

Every new home building project that we undertake has a separate building contract insurance policy taken out on it as part of our standard building process procedures.



Daniel Kraayvanger

Business Owner

Daniel and Nicola Kraayvanger began DK Builders in 2007. A Te Awamutu based builder, Daniel has undertaken numerous building projects in the greater Te Awamutu area, including Hamilton and Cambridge. These building projects have ranged from designing and building new homes to renovations, extensions and landscaping. Daniel is passionate about understanding customer needs to deliver excellent outcomes and is well known for his business ethics.

He supports local business as much as possible and both he and his wife Nicola are a committed family in the South Waikato community.

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Linda Howarth


Linda has a background in administration and small business management and has worked in the Aluminumjoinery/glazing industry for 18 years and plumbing trade for 1 1/2 years. She has been with DK Builders since 2015.

In her spare time Linda enjoys exploring her family history and is an avid genealogist.



Jason Kraayvanger

Architectural Draftsman/Designer – www.newvisionarchitecture.co.nz

Jason is the Director of New Vision Architecture and works closely with DK Builders on design and build projects. With over 8 years industry experience, Jason is committed to meeting clients expectations and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Instinctively creative with a flair for design, Jason has won numerous awards including National Gold Category Winner in 2011, National Gold Reserve 2010, Local Gold Award 2010 & 2011, and Local Category Winning Home 2010 in the Waikato Registered Master Builders House of the Year Competition.

Jason enjoys working with his brother Daniel and the vision they have together.